Hedge Liche

The Infamous Hedge Liche, formerly Devona Eadwine


Devona Eadwin Undead Wizard (5) (CR6)
Specialist Necromancer (-Illusion Abjuration)
Medium Hedge Liche Chaotic Evil
HP 30 / HD 5d12 Spd 30ft Init +6

Str 14 Dex 14 Con N/A (10) Int 18 Wis 12 Cha 12
Fort +1 Ref +5 Will +5
AC 17 Touch 12 Flatfooted 15
Base Attack +2 Grapple +4
Attack 1: +4 Melee Touch 1d8+5 20×2 (Negative Energy Will DC 13 Half)

  • Concentration +5
  • Hide +11
  • Knowledge Arcana +9
  • Listen +10
  • Search +13
  • Spellcraft +13
  • Spot +12

  • Brew Potion
  • Combat Casting
  • Scribe Scroll
  • Lightning Reflexes
  • Craft Wondrous Item
  • Improved Initiative
  • Undead Traits
  • Turn Resist +2
  • DR 5/Magic
  • Immune to Cold
  • Immune to Mind-Affecting
  • Specialist Necromancer

Wizard Spells (5/5/4/3) Save 14 + Spell Level
  • Level 0
    • Ray of Frost
    • Light
    • Disrupt Undead
    • Mage Hand
    • Acid Splash
  • Level 1
    • Mage Armor
    • Magic Missile x 2
    • Ray of Enfeeblement
    • Summon Monster I
  • Level 2
    • Shatter
    • Scorching Ray
    • Melf's Acid Arrow
    • Blindness / Deafness
  • Level 3
    • Lightning Bolt
    • Vampiric Touch
    • Blink

  • Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
  • Potion of Haste
  • Scroll of Fireball x 2

Devona was at one time merely reclusive, preferring distance from civilization and all the trouble it seemed to bring her. Unfortunately that distance drove her into places best left to more prepared souls, if they were to be disturbed at all. It just so happened that Devona last residence happened to be the tomb of a fairly unlpleasant necromancer that left a number of notes behind. These notes detailed the ongoing quest for immortality that many in her craft seek.

As the necromancer had failed (obviously) to produce results, Devona attempted to put the book out of her head, yet it was always there scratching at the back of mind. as the weeks wore on the book would turn up in seemingly at randomin various part of the tomb Devona would frequent. Frustrated the witch tore the book to shreds and threw it into the fire and cackled while it burned.

Alas, that was not to be the end of the book, as it was found upon the corpse of the Hedge Liche, though no more entries in Devona’s journal were written after the fateful book burning. One can only surmise the book is somehow cursed and returns to the"owner" regardless of predisposition.

Hedge Liche

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