Campaign House Rules

House Rules & Simplifications

Attacks of Opportunity

Everything but Attacking, Defending, 5 Foot Moves, and Free Actions Provoke an AoP. Highest Attack Bonus vs Standard AC, roll base damage.

Masterwork + Magic Armors

Masterwork armors incur no speed reduction, regardless of weight class.


I’ll not be tracking weight and scale closely, but try to keep it reasonable. A group vote will decide any weight issues.

Highs and Lows

Rolls of natural 20 always hit (but do not necessarily confirm a Crit), Rolls of 1 always miss. A roll of a 1 incurs a further roll, upon a double roll of 1, a fumble occurs. Fumbles are DM discretion, but should generally be amusing.

Action Dice

At the beginning of every game a dish of “Action Dice” will be available. Each die can be used in various ways to help the players through difficult challenges. Suggested uses include, rerolling bad rolls, gaining an additional move or standard action, and giving a +2 circumstance bonus to a roll (after a roll has already been rolled)

Action Dice can be awarded for particularly good role-playing, especially creative solutions to challenging situations, as so on at the DM’s discretion.

Penalty Dice

These dice represent a penalty to the gaming group for various issues. They act just like Action Dice, but help the Monsters of the world instead. Hopefully these will never show up!

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Campaign House Rules

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