The Concordance Agreement

At the end of the War of Light and Darkness the gods were at an impasse, each threatening existence with weapons of ever greater magnitude, the Light with the Gates of Dawn, and the Dark with the emancipation of Tharizdun. With seemingly no end in sight, the long nuetral god of magic, Boccab summoned the gods to the Prime Material Plane to work out an agreement where by the gods could continue their struggle for dominance without threatening the fabric of the universe.

Initially, Heironeous and Erythnul were most opposed, Heironeous claiming that the Light had no reason to accept, and Erythnul proclaiming that a final battle was inevitable, and they should all just fight then and there.

Despite these objections, cooler heads prevailed, and with the help of Obad-Hai and Boccob, the Concordance was struck.

“Brass Tacks”

Written that day, the agreement stipulated that the gods would be subject to penalties should they leave their respective realms again. Each would be subject to ever-increasing removal of deific rank and powers for every infraction of the agreement, as presided by the Heironeous, Hextor, and Boccob. Most notably, should the deity physically leave their realm, the their ability to use magic would become severely stunted, leaving them nigh-defenseless against the machinations and abilities of their opponents followers.

“It’s all in the details…”

Once the deal was struck, the code went into force, and the relevant deities were moved to their realms, a number of gods were left behind, seemingly unaffected by the contract.

St. Cuthbert – as a previous mortal, St. Cuthbert’s home plane is somewhat vague. Having taken Morvan’s portfolio, he retains control of that portfolios home plane, but his natural plane remains the Prime Material Plane. As a show of good faith and his adherence to the spirit of the Law, rather than it’s letter, he remains on his portfolios plane despite no stricture to do so.

Boccob – Boccob has never had a home place, as his manifestation threads to all planes of existence. He however, rarely has need of visiting the mortal realm and contents himself withing the Ethereal Plane.

Olidammara – Ever the tricky one, Olidammara never joined a side during the war, and managed to loophole himself out of the contract. He finds great joy in this, as the Lawful deities fume over the cosmic catch-22 of never being able to confront him about it.

Obad-Hai – Obad-Hai is the spiritual essence of Balance and Nature, which is the essential nature of the Prime Material Plane. Thus, Obad-Hai remains there, as it is his home plane. More than one of the Light side was chagrined to find out that they’ve been trespassing on another deities home lane for millennia.

Orcus – Orcus is not a god, despite any assertion of his, and remains a archdevil. Thus the contract has no binding on him. However, the banishment during the war still stands, and Orcus works every day to break it now that the Prime is left undefended.

“Written in the Stars…”

Written in many languages, the record of the Concordance is fairly clear on few things as each race took the Agreement from thier our societies perspective. However, one things is abundantly clear, and crosses all accounts: the Concordance was written in the stars, and the constellations of the previous time were irrevocably erased. Scholars to this day debate what impact this had on the nature of the planes, and more than a few wonder what the previous stars indicated as the “contract” with reality. The most power mad take this as a sign that altering the heavens is the true path to power.

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