Eastbrook Inn of Four Winds

The Inn of the Four Winds is one of the more recent establishments in Eastbrook having only just opened a few years ago. Recent upswings in trade routes through the Western Plains have seen a rising in transient traffic through Eastbrook.

After a fire broke out several years ago at the inn across the street, this has since been erected, and the old inn rebuilt and re-purposed a bit to serve entirely as a tavern. Owned by the same family as the Winter Wolf Tavern the two businesses co-operate, sending food and guests back and forth across the street enjoying the double pay this arrangement proffers.

Generally a upstanding establishment, the locals find the Inn more of a curiosity than anything else, entertained by the passing traders who stay, and the occasional courier with news from outside the Western Plains.

The elder Calverts run the Inn with help from their grandchild Lane who handles various errands, valet runs, and porter tasks. Lane can be seen bringing nightly meals to the Inn from the Tavern regularly, and isn’t shy about requesting a tip.

Since the party’s recent success the Calverts have offered to host the party indefinitely free of charge.

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Eastbrook Inn of Four Winds

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