Ellmere Temple of Pelor

The Ellmere Temple of Pelor was one of the first Temples completely dedicated to the worship of Pelor and stands as the oldest example of religious dedication in the entirety of Tiernay. This temple is quite the sight to behold, and there is a not-inconsiderable economy set up around the religious pilgrimages the more devout populace often take to get here.

The Temple is often cited as the oldest building in Tiernay, though the Kingsthrone in Arborshore is from approximately the same era and has yet to be reliably dated.

On more day-to-day matters the Temple serves as primary worship house to the populace of Ellmere and the pilgrimage population, ecclesiastical offices for the county of Wayland and Paladin training grounds for the Shining Watch.

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Ellmere Temple of Pelor

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