Positive Energy Plane

An extreme abundance of life characterizes this plane – so much so that visitors from the Prime can regenerate simply by being present. Every bit of this plane glows brightly with innate power as well and while beneficial this power is dangerous to mortal forms which are not made to handle it. For this reason it is one of the most hostile of the Inner Planes – an unprotected character on this plane swells with power as positive energy is force-fed into her. Then, her mortal frame unable to contain that power, she immolates in a burst of white light. Visits to the Positive Energy Plane are brief, and even then travelers must be heavily protected.

There are two types of areas within the plane itself: minor positive and major positive. A minor positive area is a riotous explosion of life in all its forms. Colors are brighter, fires are hotter, noises are louder, and sensations are more intense as a result of the positive energy swirling through the area.

All civilization on the Positive Energy Plane is confined within the minor areas, as even the natural inhabitants of the plane cannot cope with the onslaught of energy from the major areas.

Major positive areas go even further. Simply being in the area heals wounds at an incredible rate, filling the creature with positive energy rapidly. This positive energy ultimately will fill up a creature so rapidly that it is often lethal, causing the creature to simply explode after too much exposure, as the energy consumes it’s body from within in a burst of light.

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Positive Energy Plane

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