Stricken King

The Stricken King, previously known as King Wymer IV, was wounded in battle by a feral vampire during purge of undead in the area of what is now the Fane Forest. All attempts to remove the taint for the king served to worsen his condition, and it was determine by the clergy at the time that he was simply incurable by mortal magic and was brought to the Peak of Galeanna and destroyed in accordance with Pelor’s judgment.

While the peak was oft associated with necromancy and undead prior to this occurrence, since the King’s destruction, the taint seems to have worsened with time, altering the landscape and giving rise to the peaks new name: Spectre Peak.

Despite the increasing taint of the region, the populace is generally unaffected, as the Shining Watch work to consecrate affected areas and are on constant vigil for undead throughout the region.

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Stricken King

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