Tiernay is a small kingdom of approximately eight hundred thousand (800,000) people living under the rule of King Osric the Third. The kingdom is a feudal monarchy centered on the city of Stonekilt.

The population is centered primarily along the Fyren River and the ample coastline, with scattered agrarian farming villages and trade route towns along the interior of the kingdom.

Major cities include:

  • Stonekilt- The Capital, pop 13,500
  • Arborshore – The major port city of Tiernay, pop 10,800
  • Ellmere- The county seat of Wayland, pop 5,500
  • Orrick – The county seat of Tynan, 8,500
  • Manenhaus – The county seat of Galeanna, pop 7,000
  • Gilmore – Trade city on the northern border, pop 3,500
  • Cathmore – Trade city on the far northeast border, pop 4,400
  • Trowbridge – Trade city on the southwest edge of the Fyren River, pop 2,800

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