Major Eras

DA – Divine Age – Official creation lore for most religions begins here, describing the creation of the world, and the rise of the current pantheons. It is considered a widely held open secret that the world existed prior to this point, but it’s unclear what form it took.

WA – The Age of War – During this era the Gods openly factionalized and warred with each other on multiple planes, including the Prime Material Plane and the Elemental Plane of Shadow. Much of creation was destroyed, warped, or blasted in what came to be known as the War of Light and Darkness, and numerous races eventually dwindled and died off due to the age long conflict.

TA Triune Age – The ascent and continuing rise of humans in the world begins with the Triune Age, after the Concordance went into effect among the remaining gods. With the gods bound to their respective planes, and working through intermediaries and mortals, the wars dimmed significantly in power, allowing the mortal races to once again flourish.


0 DA – The accepted birth of the world as it currently exists.

? DA – Creation of the First Races, including the Celestials, Infernals, etc

? DA – Creation of the early Mortal Races, including the Thri-Kreen, Lizard Folk, Illithids, Dragons, and Troglodytes

(-1000 t0 -200) WA – Creation of the demihuman races, including Dwarves, Elves, and Orcs

0 WA – The god Erythnul slays Morvan, the Lawful Neutral god of order. St. Cuthbert is elevated to deity status to fill Morvan’s former post. The War of Light and Darkness begins.

1 WA – The gods in general have aligned themselves and the battles are wide-ranging and destructive.

Light * Heironeous * Ehlonna * Garl Glittergold * Corellon Larenthian * Kord * Moradin * Pelor * St. Cuthbert * Yondalla

Abstained * Boccob * Fharlangh * Obad-Hai * Olidammara * Wee Jas

Dark * Tharizdun * Hextor * Erythnul * Gruumsh * Nerull * Lolth * Toldoth * Maglubiyet * Orcus

112 WA – Toldoth is slain by Heironeous, Toldoths portfolio is later taken by Vecna

578 WA – Orcus is Banished to his home layer of the Abyss and forced to remain there.

826 WA – Maglubiyet is Slain by Moradin. His portfolio passes to Gruumsh. Goblins are forever more subservient to Orcs.

1012 WA – Lolth retreats from the war claiming it is unwinnable, focusing entirely on the newly spawned race of the Drow.

1278 WA – Pelor, Heironeous, Moradin, and Kord Forge the Shadow Gates of Dawn, threatening the Dark side with annihilation if they do not agree to the Concordance Agreement. All gods agree to adhere to it’s stipulations except (for various reasons) St. Cuthbert, Boccob, Olidammara, Obad-Hai and Orcus. Tharizdun is permanently imprisoned in the Ethereal Plane. The Concordance goes into effect immediately.

0 TA – The war is over, and the tolls are accounted. Many races are outright extinct, and the few that remain are severely weakened. Obad-Hai conjoins many races over the next few years, giving rise to Humans, Centaurs, Minotaurs, Merfolk, Gnolls, Bugbears, Ogres, and Gnomes.

12 TA – Pelor adopts the Human as his favored race from his realm of Elysium.

78 TA – The First Paladin is favored by Pelor: Saint Bane, who went on to found the Lords of Sol.

712 TA – The Stricken King of Tynan is destroyed atop Spectre Peak.

836 TA – Tynan and Wayland go to the war – “The War of the River”.

842 TA – Tiernay is founded on the remains of Wayland and Tynan with the sack of Arborshore

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